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The following statement was issued by the Leader of the Opposition on the corona virus that is causing havoc across world markets.  Bahamians were panicking on Friday 28th February 2020 when they learned that a ship that was carrying a suspect virus carrier that had been earlier turned away from Jamaica, the Cayman and Mexico was headed to The Bahamas and the authorities here wanted to let them in. The Leader of the Opposition does not believe that the government is doing enough or being frank enough:


28th February, 2020

It is with great concern that I continue to monitor the rapidly unfolding circumstances surrounding the movement of the coronavirus (COVID19) around the globe. While I am sure the country appreciates the written updates from the Ministry of Health, there is an ultimate level of accountability, duty of care and due diligence that Prime Minister Minnis and his government owe the Bahamian people.

I therefore call on the Prime Minister to advise the public regarding the steps his government has taken to protect the health and wellness of the Bahamian people should this global public health crisis reach our shores. There is absolutely no reason why there has been no proactive advisory, beyond the sharing of quarantine information. Moreover, the public deserves a full and frank explanation as to why a cruise ship that was denied docking in Jamaica and Cayman, was allowed to dock at Prince George Wharf.

Nevertheless, out of an abundance of caution I encourage all Bahamians to monitor the updates regarding the movements of the virus. Resources are available online through the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Centre for Disease Control (CDC). I have included the links below for ease of reference.

Additionally, I wish to encourage all Bahamians travelling abroad to be vigilant and transparent about the places you visited. Your honesty is critical to the safety and well-being of your family, friends, colleagues and the general public. Make no mistake, the silence of this government on this global health crisis is deafening and its lack of leadership striking.

Finally, I wish to thank our doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who are constantly on the front lines in the fight against this and other crises. A grateful nation salutes your efforts.

World Health Organization (WHO)

Center for Disease Control (CDC)