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Desmond Bannister, the Minister of Works, said he was headed to Abaco to do some work when he took a test to see about his Covid status and bingo he was positive.  Scramble, scramble, scramble, the whole Cabinet was exposed to him and so all an em are in quarantine.

It could not have happened to a finer bunch.  Now we know that it is possible for the country to run without them.  We should make it a permanent state.  We should officially sanction it by having an election so we can vote these Covid exposed folks out of office.

You know what is really sad in this era of mean spiritedness, that it is not even possible to be civil to these FNM politicians.  You cannot even bring oneself to feel sorry for them. When something bad happens them, you just want to say good for your ass. You too mean. God doesn’t like ugly and that’s what you get for your wicked ways.

It is mean spirited, we know  but when you think of all the nasty , wicked and evil things these people have wrought upon this country, you have a hard time keeping a Christian spirt.  The lies they have told.  The families that they have wrecked by firing people without mercy.  Locking up  former politicians, hurting their families and their reputations. Using the police to do the FNM’s dirty work; engaging in patching up witness statements and tampering with witness evidence.

It has just been a mean period.  So now we cannot feel sorry for them either individually or collectively.

When the Leader of the PLP was sick, the Prime Minister could not even leave politics aside for one day.  As soon as the Leader of the Opposition returned, the Prime Minister was attacking him in the House of Assembly,

So that’s the way the FNM wants to play it, no heart, no mercy, no pity, no tears.