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Former Senator Frank Smith was dragged before the courts against by this wicked FNM Government last week to appear before the Court of Appeal because the FNM cannot accept that the decision of Magistrate Joyann Pratt in his case was the correct one.  They appealed on six grounds.  In their arguments before the Court of Appeal, they said she applied the wrong principles of law, took into account extraneous matters and came to the wrong conclusions.  They want the matter remitted to the Magistrate for her to rehear the whole thing.   The Director of Public Prosecutions Garvin Gaskin argued that the comments about the conduct of the witnesses of the crown Minister of the Government Marvin Dames and Duane Sands were out of order.  Mr. Gaskins made a comment which was out of order and seemed as if he were trying to defend the political reputations of the two ministers.  There is a stain on their characters that cannot be wiped away. They will find themselves like Lady Macbeth crying: “Out spot! Out damn spot!  There is blood on their hands. That of Senator Frank Smith. The Court has reserved its decision.  Keith Knight Q C said the Magistrate took good care in coming to her decision and argued that her excellence should be upheld. The hearing took place on 15 May 2019.