There Should Be Riots In The Streets Over BPL

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We have been on and on about the lousy service given by BTC, the phone company in this country.  The Ingraham Administration sold BTC, the phone company, at a fire sale price and now the last state is worse than the first.  They have dropped calls. Their service is more expensive than the other service.  They cannot fix the land lines.  There is constant overcrowding on the system. It is simply bad.  So bad that  the CEO of the company was attacking the staff, saying that they were to blame. We defended the staff last week. It’s clearly the fault of management who have been extracting usury profits from the company. This week though it’s the electricity company. The FNM came into power with all the answers but they clearly do not have the answer for this simple proposition.  How to keep the power on?  On Friday 2 August 2019, there was one power cut after the next, power being off in some places for as long as four ours.  In other countries there would have been riots for this incompetence.  This one can’t be blamed on foreigners because the people who run BPL are Bahamians.  The question is competence. They are incompetent.  They should be fired and get someone who can run the corporation and keep the power on. That probably incudes the Prime Minister and his colleagues who all have to go.