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Bahamas Investor photo the walk over of the Cabinet 2018/2019

When the FNM is done this term, there will be no cookie jar in which to put your hands. They are stealing right before our eyes. They lied when they came to office saying that the cupboard was bare, only to be able to raise within minutes almost 750 million U S dollars on the open market.  That’s what the PLP left in place. Now they cannot raise even 250 million on the open market. They had to abandon the rate reduction bond for the power company of 250 million because they had no takers.  They have now put in place a resolution to take on the 250 million dollars debt of BPL.  Ain’t that something.  They will run a 700 million dollar deficit this year, the largest in history so far and next year a whopping 1.3 billion.  This from the governing party that said they would lower the national debt and lower the fiscal deficit. Now they have the largest debt in history and  the largest deficit in history and the debt to GDP ratio threatens to be 100 per cent. Lies, lies and more lies from the FNM.