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discount cialis times;”>One mind tells us that the PLP is really playing soft ball with these stupid preachers who are going around saying that people should vote no in the upcoming referendum because it will open the door for same sex marriage.  Everyone wants to be a smart ass, tadalafil and it seems that there is no shortage of smart asses among the preachers in this country. They have a sense of their own power or as Andrew “Dud” Maynard would have said, “they smell their top lip”.   They believe because they won the indicative referendum on gambling when only 27 per cent of the electorate turned up to vote, that they have some power over the electorate.  These people who run the “yes” campaign had better take their finger and go after these effen preachers and their craziness.  They need to go after them in a personal way.  Out them as idolaters, adulterers, misogynists homophobes and ignoramuses.  The stupidity that they come up with is just unbelievable.  Take the argument that defining sex as one of the categories in which you will not be able to discriminate against people.  When you tick the box at US Immigration or Bahamian Immigration, it asks “Sex—M or F”.  You tick “M” for male and “F” for female.  Suddenly these dumb ass preachers are saying that sex which has been in in the constitution since 1963, which always meant male or female, which is now in the present bill specifically defined as male and female, will mean instead gay or straight.  How stupid?  You have a supposedly sensible man like Lyall Bethel talking this bull shit as it if is actually fact.  You have another preacher whose mother was a pioneer in the Baptist movement, breaking new ground where women were not supposed to go, yet they too are voting no.  We again side with the yes vote.  These preachers apart from being stupid are dangerous and must be stopped dead in their tracks.