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best cialis find times;”>On 26 October Maurice Glinton, QC, was fined $15,000 for his words and actions during an extradition appeal that he contended were not contemptuous.  Mr. Glinton when asked if he had anything to say before the sentence said: “I’ve said all I wished to say on October 19.””. That was precisely nothing.  We agree with him. We think next step Privy Council: win lose or draw.  The decision in this matter is simply wrong in law. Mr. Glinton has 14 days to pay the fine or serve 14 days in jail.  We repeat again the phrase used by Attorney Andrew Allen that the courts of The Bahamas have become a tragicomic farce.  We say again, here it is this is something that should simply have been ignored as de minimus or at best idiosyncratic.  Instead there is all this puffery about the dignity of the court.  Courts that allow alleged murderers, repeat alleged murderers out on bail, tone deaf to what is happening in the society, but a QC of long standing says something which offends their “dignity” and he is jailed for four days and now faces an additional 14 days if he doesn’t pay.  Wonders never cease.