Thinking About Jeffery Lloyd In Politics

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Can you actually believe the photograph of Jeff Lloyd, “the neutral talk show host” now dressed up in a red tie and proclaiming to be an FNM.  Things get curiouser and curiouser.  He of the Roman faith, and lover of mankind, is now dressed up in the garb of red which stands for wicked and evil and racism and slavery, for everything which he used to stand against.  Politics makes strange bedfellows indeed.  It is embarrassing to many of his friends. How could he do it?  After the 1997 general election and Rev. Frederick MacAlpine had been given a senate seat, essentially for calling every male in the PLP a homosexual, he was asked how he a rabid PLP up to could then become overnight a rabid FNM and say such nasty things about the PLP?  His reply was inter alia “and you’ll couldn’t even give me a Senate seat or something”. So the price of selling out your beliefs is a Senate seat.  In the movie A Man For All Seasons, as Thomas Moore passes his former protégé who now was given a high post by the king to replace Thomas Moore who refused to take an oath of religious loyalty to the king, Thomas passes by and as he passes him, Cromwell is showing off the crest of Wales. If you know Britain, Wales is not a very prestigious place.   Sir Thomas said to Cromwell: “And all of this for Wales”.  Cromwell has sold out his friend and benefactor for the cheap job as an official for Wales.  Jeffery Lloyd we hope has the good sense to resign from the radio station. That is certainly no longer tenable.  And as Ricky Ricardo said on the “I Love Lucy Show”, Jeffery Lloyd got some “splaining to do”.  Yes he does, he is now in bed with the very people who savaged him. Politics does make strange bedfellows.

Here is what Mr. Lloyd posted on his Facebook page as he joined the FNM on 17 November:

Dear friends and family,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your prayers, calls and words of support as I journey into this next chapter of my life. As you would know by now, I have officially launched my candidacy with the Free National Movement to be the next Member of Parliament for the great constituency of South Beach. This step into political life came after much prayer and meditation. Like you, I am frustrated with the state of my country and the direction in which we are headed. Like you, I am concerned about the Bahamas which we will leave to our children and their children. Like you, I want to see real opportunities for all Bahamians to flourish and succeed in their own country, not just a handful of political cronies. For too long, we as a people have been taken advantage of by this incompetent, visionless, distracted PLP administration, and it is time for men and women of courage to take up the fight to restore peace, order and good governance to this land. It is with this desire for change that I have stepped forward to do my part in this transformative process to bring our country back from the brink. I invite you to join with me.