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Glenys Hanna Martin PLP MP for Englerston must invoke the line from the promo for the movie Jaws when she shows up to the House of Assembly. You know the line: “ Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water.” Play the shark music.  The House and Senate are supposed to be the freest forums in the country.  There is a place where you can vent your spleen to your hearts content without fear of the libel laws. Well not so fast.  Under this FNM administration, they have  one dumb guy as  the Speaker for the House Halson Moultrie who just cannot seem to control his temper and his emotions. He also seems to have problems with women who talk back to him.  So just as the day was dawning on Monday 6 July 2020, it turned out that Mrs. Hann Martin had received a letter the day before from the  Clerk of the House which said that if she showed up to the House without an apology for some unnamed sin that she committed the time before, she would not be allowed in the House. It never crossed the Speaker’s mind that this was unlawful and that he had no such power.  Night fell on 5th July 2020 and the Prime Minister and the Clerk of the House and the Attorney General must have prevailed on this dumb guy to rescind the letter.  It was clear that the House had been suspended at the time he gave an order for Mrs. Martin to withdraw.  After the House suspends, the Speaker has no power to do any such thing. But you know stupid is as stupid does. Even after he rescinded his unlawful order, he wanted to argue the point in the House by striking from the record the words which he said Mrs. Hanna Martin used that were offensive, even he said they were said from her seat.  The Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis had to point out to dumbo that if something is said from the seat it is not part of the record and so what is it, he is striking out.  Ah my.