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tadalafil seek times;”>We have made this point before that  journalists of a newspaper of record are supposed to have standards of ethical conduct in dispensing their profession.  We continue to be concerned about the comments being made by Nassau Guardian reporters on their Facebook pages which indicate that they do not have a view of their job that requires neutrality in public and therefore balance in reporting.  They want to vent their spleens and rant like members of the general public. The latest example is that of Juan McCartney on Facebook.  Recently the television commentator George Stephanopoulos in the US was denied the opportunity to host the Republican debate after it was revealed that he gave donations to the Hilary Clinton Foundation.  Fair point.  But in The Bahamas anything goes: “Like a beast, its brain fevered, its appetite rabid, lurching through the muck and mire of the nation’s underbelly on quaking limbs, the PLP’s attack machine scours Facebook seeking to brand as traitors anyone who dares question the supremacy of its rule.”–Juan McCartney