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viagra buy cure times;”>NHI draft bill released

cialis sale ask times;”>On Thursday evening of this week, cheap the Government of The Bahamas released the full text of the National Health Insurance Bahamas (NHI) draft Bill to the public for consultation.

This was done via the NHI Bahamas Secretariat.

One of the major changes to the legislation was the removal of the individual mandate.

In a press statement the Secretariat reiterated the Government’s commitment to “improving the health care system to position the nation as the healthiest country in the Caribbean region by the year 2030.”

One key milestone in this process is NHI Bahamas, established to provide care to legal Bahamian residents free of charge at point of service.

“A young woman will receive an ultrasound and care get for her newborn baby without having to pay for it. A construction worker will have tests done to screen for heart disease at no cost. A mother will get antibiotics from her primary care doctor for her sick children free of cost. All of these people live in our communities right now. We will all benefit from the services NHI Bahamas provides – and with no new tax to pay for it in the initial phases,” said Dr. Delon Brennen, NHI Project Manager.

The NHI draft legislation is a legal framework that ensures NHI Bahamas provides modern, affordable and accessible health care for legal Bahamian residents.

The Bill, in its draft form, will:

  • Repeal the NHI Act of 2007;
  • Implement the NHI Bahamas plan;
  • Establish the legal framework for NHI Bahamas; and
  • Establish the NHI Bahamas fund;

The NHI Bill will allow the Government to:

  • Establish the administrative framework and other necessary mechanisms to provide quality health care under NHI Bahamas that is modern, affordable and accessible for  legal Bahamian residents;
  • Facilitate people-centred health care that meets the needs of our population;
  • Provide plurality with equal opportunity for public and private sector participation;
  • Promote efficiency in administrative operations; and
  • Enable sustainability through the appropriate allocation of resources.

The draft Bill was prepared by a working group comprised of technical experts within Government along with consultants in the public and private sectors.

Potters Cay vendors temporarily relocated

Apparent misinformation about the relocation of fruit and vegetable vendors at Potter’s Cay caused tempers to flare earlier this week ahead of planned maintenance work to be executed on the eastern Paradise Island bridge.

Agriculture Minister Hon. Alfred Gray called a press conference this week to clarify the misunderstanding by stating that there is in fact a plan for the vendors during the maintenance works. He pointed out that the relocation of the vendors will be within the precincts of Potter’s Cay and is only a temporary measure to accommodate the maintenance work. The government fully plans to return them to their original locations of business.

The government is in the midst of a redevelopment and refurbishment project at  Potters Cay that promises to enhance its ambiance and customer experience while making it safer and better organized for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  

Fresh Start participants graduate

The venue was the Super Club Breezes and the host was the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture. One of the ministry’s youth development programs, Fresh Start, graduated 62 participants on Wednesday evening.

Prime Minister Christie, the keynote speaker, congratulated and encouraged the cohort of young graduates, sharing with them a very moving account of his own struggles in school that did not deter him from becoming an achiever, but instead steered his life towards overcoming and accomplishment. 

The young people, challenged by various issues including not finishing high school, underwent a programme of personal development and job readiness to put them on a stronger footing. Of the 62 graduates, 38 of them have already secured gainful employment.

Cubans detainees ordered released

Cuban refugees Carlos Pupo and Lazaro Seara Marin are free men today after being held at the Carmichael Road Detention Center and the Department of Corrections for over two years. The men were arrested in 2013 for illegally landing in Abaco and Andros respectively.

Commissioner Wright of the Department of Corrections did not object to defense attorney Fred Smith applying for the men’s release. Justice Stephen Isaacs subsequently granted the release, awarding the men their freedom and court costs.

Pupo and Marin were among a group of Cubans who claimed that they were abused by Detention Center authorities after they were captured during an attempted escape from the Carmichael Road Detention Center back in May 2013.

Attempts by the Bahamas Foreign Ministry to secure their return to Cuba and a third party country pursuant to international law were not successful.

Bahamas Foreign Minister responds to release of Cuban detainees

One day after Bahamas Supreme Court Justice Stephen Isaacs released two Cuban detainees held for more than two years, Foreign Minister the Hon. Fred Mitchell responded to the court’s decision in a press statement:

“The Department of Immigration takes the position that these individuals are a national security risk. We continue to support that position. Those were the clear instructions from our principals at the highest levels to pursue that position.

“Those instructions did not change and were not changed.”

He indicated that he has asked for an investigation into the court’s decision, given the “cogent” evidence of the government that the men are a security risk.

“All of our border forces have been notified to the potential risk of these individuals being out in the general community and should be so warned” said Mr. Mitchell.

He also said that he will present a full report to the House on Wednesday 24 February.

Fugitive Leon back behind bars

Convicted murderer Orman Leon, 26, is back behind bars after making good his escape two weeks ago (February 2nd) from a prison bus while in police custody. He was captured at a home on Firetrail Road late Wednesday night by the Selective Strike Team of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Leon was convicted for his role in the 2011 execution style murder of Francisco Hanna.

He was sentenced by Supreme Court Justice Bernard Turner to 41.5 years at the Department of Corrections.

Sharlene Stubs, the female occupant of the Firetrail house, is facing jail time for harbouring a fugitive.  

HE Leroque gets another five years

The Heads of Government of CARICOM appointed Secretary General HE Irwin Leroque to a second and final five-year term in that position at CARICOM’s Inter-Sessional meetings in Placencia, Belize on 16th February. 

Bahamas Foreign Minister the Hon. Fred Mitchell in support of the decision praised Mr. Leroque, saying that “Ambassador Leroque has given unqualified, good and yeoman’s service to our region and deserves a second term. We support him unreservedly and congratulate him on his reappointment.”