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The talk all around town is that elections are coming, sooner rather than later. The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis was spotted this weekend in Abaco for the second time in a two weekends.  He does not care about quarantine rules but has imposed the denial of movement on the PLP and its leaders.  The FNM Council met during the past week, defying the rules again, while the PLP worries about it, and the FNM’s National Coordinator Nigel Lewis told them in the meeting that from now until the general election only FNMs will be getting the benefits of government.  They must all make sure that they have their FNM cards.  So up to Grand Bahama, the question is what will Frederick McAlpine do?  He is a kind of no man’s land  not quite FNM  or only just and leaning toward being an independent.  But we would like to suggest to the Leaders of the PLP and to Mr. McAlpine that it makes sense for him to join the PLP and to join now rather than later. It will be difficult for the PLP to make a deal for supporting an independent and sitting out the election.