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The Tribune cartoonist made the point last week that every thing is now a joke to the Free National Movement.  Indeed there have been so many calls for resignations that it may seem funny but it is not funny at all.  The Prime Minister sits over a corrupt Cabinet.  Those who are not individually corrupt are adopting the corruption by continuing to sit in the Cabinet where their members have engaged in behavior that is unethical and immoral and may even be illegal.

Start with the Prime Minister himself who fooled the nation that he was at a signing ceremony for a major investment in Grand Bahama only to show that the signature on the deal by the investor was fake.

The Prime Minister also told the House of Assembly that he had no discussions with Brent Symonette, the disgraced former Minister for Immigration, whose company was handed a fat contract to house the post office, only for us to find out from Mr. Symonette’s mouth yes indeed they did talk about it.

Then there are the two sad sacs: Marvin Dames, the Minister for National Security and Dr. Duane Sands, the Minister for Health. The former  was judicially condemned for meeting the virtual complaint in the Frank Smith case in his political office rather then allow the police to do an investigation.  Dr. Sands handed the virtual complainant in the case against Frank Smith a 1.8 million dollar contract just before she was set to testify and he did so without the approval of the Board of the hospital authority.

Then in the Shane Gibson case, we have the police admitting that they tampered with the evidence.  The Opposition calls for an inquiry into the matter, the Minister doubles down and says the investigator has impeccable integrity. 

When told that the Opposition leader wanted him to resign. The Prime Minister laughed.

When the Attorney General was asked to respond to the call for his resignation, he said the Leader of the Opposition was only playing politics. But the fact is the Attorney General signed off on a bad case, infected by the tainted evidence of the police investigator.

Finally, we come to the Minister of Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle. She told the press that she is not resigning.  This despite the fact that she is hated by everyone in the ministry she runs and the sectors that she serves.  She is obtuse, self-absorbed. She would only admit that she is not perfect. You can say that again.  She is so unperfected that she couldn’t event get the Christmas Tree right.  The first one was so widely panned that it had to be pulled  and replaced. That’s our Lanisha.

But never mind, the FNM will simply pay their way out of it. The Prime Minister announced that he is going to pay civil servants some 1400 a lump sum just before Christmas.  This from a country that he says is broke. This is called a bribe in some countries.