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The internet site reported that within the last week there have been 23 drownings in The Bahamas.  That is one too many.  Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell speaking in Fox Hill on Emancipation Day and sending out prayers for fishermen in the Fox Hill area as the crawfish season began said that he wanted to warn fishermen to be careful.  Last year three fishermen in Fox Hill died of the bends. Further, when he was Foreign Minister from 2002 to 2007, the U S Coastguard warned that Bahamians were too casual about setting out at sea in unseaworthy vessels and without life jackets, flares or radios, or some form of communications.  Within days of that warning by the Foreign Minister, three more people lost their lives at sea from what appeared to be negligence. The Government will have to step in more vigorously to stop this because the injury to the nation itself and to families is so difficult and severe. It seems also that there is a need to teach people how to swim.  It is shocking in a country where the water is all around, and children cannot swim.