Too Soft On The Courts and Judges

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When doses of stupidity were being given out, the QC Fred Smith got more than his share.  This week, in response to  a statement made in the House of Assembly, he said that he was considering filing an action in the Courts of Contempt by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell in the Courts because of what was said in the House of Assembly.  Mr. Smith knows full well the Courts have no jurisdiction over what is said in the House of Assembly.  He himself should be up on Contempt of Parliament charges shortly.  The overall point we wish to make is that we in this country have this wrongheaded view about Judges and what they do.  They are subject to the same scrutiny that all other institutions in this country have.  Nothing that they do is sacrosanct.  In this regard we stand four square with Mr. Mitchell.  Judges can do what they like but citizens including MPs cannot be cowed when it comes to Judicial scrutiny of their work.