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Club Med in San Salvador. Closed to December 2021

The Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar, the FNM’s favourite motor mouth, was delivered yet another blow over the past week when his best laid plans for opening up the tourism sector seemed doomed.  We remind you that before the words even got out of his mouth about opening on 15 October 2020, the Bahamar President said, it ain’t gonna happen. On the heels of that came Club Med, the only employer in San Salvador, where Brave Davis is the MP, and Club Med says because there is no hospital facility down there, and no emergency airlift to a hospital because Nassau is overrun, they will not open under 21 December 2021.  That is a death blow also to the people of San Salvador.  Mr. Davis is scrambling to see what he can do as MP,  like he did the last time to get Club Med to reconsider.  In the meantime, we give some advice to the Tourism Minister.  You cannot be half pregnant. You are either open or you are not.  No one is going to come here as a tourist and quarantine for 14 days  Forget it. We also remind the  FNM that it was their Prime Minister who foolishly cancelled the plans to upgrade the health care facility in the island. So now the people suffer in the people’s time.