Travis Robinson Comes Out: What You Dealin Wit Bey?

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First it was posing with a gun, trying to get the hoodlum vote we suppose. Now it’s the hair  braids and twists.  It’s a real coming out party for this young MP who is obviously seeking to identify with his constituents. He tried to beat the reaction to the punch by posting this on his Facebook page, but if he searches the history of his party, he will know that when Cecil Wallace Whitfield, the party’s founder, ran against the late Keith Duncombe, homophobia was at its height in his party.  Sir Ceil campaigned against Mr. Duncombe on the slogan: “Straight is the way”.  They all thought it was funny.  We don’t know what Mr. Robinson is dealing with but just warning the young MP about the true nature of the folks he’s dealing with. They are still there in the shadows. He said in the post that he will not be wearing the hairstyle in the House but why not.  If there is  nothing wrong with it, be brave! Go into the House on the 27 May 2020.