Travis Robinson Embarrasses Himself In The House

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Remember when Travis Robinson, the boy wonder, who got elected to teahouse at 23 in the last general election, was fired as a Parliamentary Secretary because he voted against the Government on the Brent Symonette Town Centre matter.  He was thought to be a part of the rebel four Chipman, McAlpine and Miller making the other three in the FNM who were thought to be on the outs.  Poor Mr. Robinson couldn’t take the chafing.  He is back in full force.  He delivered a rally speech in the House of Assmebly on Thursday 6th June in which he praised the government to high heavens.  He used the old Baptist preacher saying that the FNM may not be where they wanted to be but they weren’t where they were.  He claimed this in the cadence of a Baptist preacher. It was embarrassing, groveling and unbecoming.  Both the Prime Minister and Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar sat on either side of him as he delivered this nonsense in the House. It is rumoured that the Tourism Minister keeps him in pocket change.  Guess they were just making sure that he read it correctly.  Mr. Robinson voted against the increase in Value Added Tax to 12 per cent.  He was dismissed as a Parliamentary Secretary for doing so.  Now he is praising the Prime Minister for taking the hard decisions.  He makes himself look like a fool.