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Ava Turnquest claims in a story written  in The Tribune that because a private voice note by MP Fred Mitchell to the Branch of the Fox Hill PLP showed up in the public domain asking the Fox Hill Branch to follow that this shows ownership of this site.  The absolute fascination of The Tribune with nonsense is interesting.   Perhaps they ought to start paying attention to journalistic ethics than worrying about nonsense.  On two occasions in the past week, they have written false stories about Mr. Mitchell.  On each occasion, the Minister issued a statement saying what the facts were.  In neither case did they print the correction. The picture shows the real nature of the Black Friday March.  It was an FNM propaganda exercise from start to finish. That is what the voice note said and look what the picture shows: Henry Bostwick, former Leader of the Opposition and FNM Senator before a picture of his wife Janet. The first FNM woman elected to office, in the square and former FNM candidate Sterling Quant together again on the day of the Black Friday March 25 November.