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buy viagra store times;”>tlochartNow you don’t have to like me nor my views. I am 29 years old. I don’t give two pinch of puppy shit what you think about me.
best cialis stuff times;”> Here is my view on this Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival thing.
Firstly, I don’t knock ideas. If someone bring an idea to the table, I look at it and if they feel it can work, then I support it. An idea is better than no idea at all.

I sat in a meeting sometime last year when the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Commission met with my colleagues at that time and explained the idea to us. After it was explained, I supported the idea. I never once believed that Carnival was a culture that belonged to a specific country but used as a brand for its festival bringing many people from around the world to celebrate in street festivals before Lent (February). Carnival can be traced back from the year 1490 in the Netherlands with strong Catholic ties. So what does this mean. Is Carnival a culture….? No. Can it be a brand? It can…So why the noise? Who knows…Everything that was explained to me in that meeting was Bahamian. No Junkanoo group coming in the street with a Foreign theme like “Ancient China”, “Pirates”, “Santa Claus”, “Africa”..etc.

I always wondered that. Every year, 90% of the time, a group perform on Bay Street with a foreign theme…Sigh…anyways… As the Minister explained, it will simply be festivities that are Bahamian. So why not support it? Because it was your idea first and you didn’t get funding to pull it off??? hmm. I leave that there for now.

The Janet Jackson saga:
The Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival is managed by its Commission. I sat back and listen to some of my friends blaming the government for trying to bring Janet Jackson to the Bahamas. However, I am advised that this is certainly not the case

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. The Commission was interested in that particular artist. It failed because the Minister responsible objected. Hence some resignations was given to the Chairman of the commission.
” Too much bureaucracy meant…”the govt interrupting their deal”… If I am wrong…prove me wrong.

We ought not to be strangers of the truth and must always be cognizant of what is going on around us knowing the facts and being objective in our views.
I support Junkanoo groups finally coming together and forming companies creating costumes to sell on the International market. Finally they can be paid for their work. Entrepreneurship in Junkanoo is long overdue.
Therefore friends and foe, I urge you to read, learn new things, become innovative thinkers, Think beyond your common imagination and take risks. Only you can stop you!