Trouble At Exuma Airport

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This was doing the rounds on line 19 January 2019

Exuma Airport Authority Staff is threatening to resign after being denied a pay raise by Human Resources. Transitioning staff in the Civil Aviation Bill were provided that they would receive no less than favorable status and pay raise after the transition from the Department of Civil Aviation would be on par with Airport Authority Counterparts. Sources says that AA HR management team held an employee meeting and the Director for security told staff to sit down and shut up after expressing their need for a pay raise. The director and assistant human resource then went on and told the individuals to be glad that they still have a job because they could’ve sent all of them home. These are the same security screeners that  have to maintain border security at an International Airport.  Further, it is understood that the staff are up in arms over the pay status because the Janitorial Staff are paid at a higer rate than these “essential services workers”.  Staff at other Airports who have requested to remain in the Civil Service has been denied their legal right to transfer because the AA refuse to hire replacement staff. According the the Civil Aviation Bill Permanent and Pensionable Staff had a choice to express in writing that they preferred to stay with the civil service or transfer to AA with no less than favorable benefits. Staff all around the country are disgruntled.  It only takes a spark… a shutdown of international airports around the family island is imminent.