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The Chinese and the Americans have agreed to remove the tariffs they now impose on each other. Who is the winner of that? Clearly the Chinese. Donald Trump, the US President, accomplished nothing. He did not bring the Chinese to their knees.  He did not lessen the deficit in trade between the countries.  In fact in the last week it was announced that the deficit had in fact widened. In the meantime, the farmers in the US lost their shirts.  All because of an idle and jingoistic policy which  was ill thought out and rambling.   The world order that he met in place, he is deconstructing. People and countries do not know what to expect.  He is subject to flattery of the idlest kind. It is so transparent the flattery, yet he falls for it. The problem is that the US authorities who can put an end to the mess he has created, have proven to be craven.  They have let their constitution down. Their founding fathers who went through all the trouble to put in what they called checks and balances seemed to have not thought of the fact that if people do not stand up, the constitution means nothing. So now we have the  Democrats, the Opposition party in America, are finally getting to the point where he is likely to be impeached for what they call extorting the President of  Ukraine to dig up dirt on Mr. Trump’s political opponent Joe Biden, in exchange for US aid lawfully passed by the Congress. Mr. Trump says it’s all fake and lies.  He should know since the Washington Post says that he has told some 13,00 lies and change during his presidency.  Americans must be embarrassed to no end.