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It is important for those who know better to go on record every week to decry the deterioration of the standards of ethical public conduct in the United States.  The man who is their President Donald Trump embarrasses their country and undermines the ability of their country to exercise soft power around the globe as a moral beacon for ethical conduct.  It appears that he does not know what to say and when to be quiet.  Last week, he attacked a judge to the point where the Chief Justice of the United States had to bring him up shortly on it.  Yet that didn’t stop him, he kept going which undermines any claim in the US that it has an independent judiciary. Then he made a remarkable defence of the murderers who populate the Government in Riyadh led by their Crown Prince who the American CIA has concluded ordered the murder of a Saudi critic in the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Turkey.  Mr. Trump said that the murder was bad but not bad enough for him to consider readjusting the relationship with the Saudis.  The issue here is not so much that everyone knows that you have to be practical but for God’s sake, can’t you even pretend to be supporting the principle of murder is wrong and should be condemned.  The US has lost its moral authority under this man and it appears that the institutions which were designed in the 18th century by a group of disgruntled English farmers is unable to stand up to the tyranny of Donald Trump and the cravenness of the group of old white, morally bankrupt men that support him.