Trump Is The Ultimate Embarrassment To The United States

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File photo of U S President Donald Trump playing golf, the equivalent in this pandemic of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Donald Trump lost the general election in the United States on 2 November 2020.  Yet, to this very day he and his allies, that craven bunch who sit in the halls of the U S legislature under the label Republicans, persist with nonsense about his winning the election. The swearing in of the newly elected Joe Biden cannot come quickly enough to rid that country of this foolish man. He has embarrassed himself and his country. We are convinced that the reason the world is in the mess that it is in today is in part because of the stupid decision made by American voters  four years ago and some to elect a total and utter idiot and fool to be the President of the United States. Looking back to history, it is clear how ultimately empires like Rome’s crumbled. You just get bad leaders. The ordinary man does perhaps appreciate this but for good or ill, the United States since the Second World War has been the enforcer of the peace and moral order ( Pax Americana).  That does not mean they have always been a force for good but the point is when the order is disrupted you needed  a big player who is able to put their thumbs down on the scale and set things back in kilter.  The United States has played that role.  No other nation at this point can. The health pandemic is as widespread and catastrophic as it is because Donald Trump failed  as leader of United States to  provide the international leadership to put an end to this. He deserves at least two days in hell for this.  The U S economy is estimated at 20.8 trillion dollars. The Chinese economy, the next largest, is 14 trillion and some. The US has the largest and most powerful military by far.  The US dollar is the money of the international markets. The U S pays the lion share of international organizations. Their voice matters in leading on decisions. So the withdrawal from the World Health Organization was a stupid, willful, petulant mistake by Donald  Trump and now we all suffer for his stupidity.  Good riddance to such a stupid, ignorant man.