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The scenes which unfolded last week in Washing ton D C, the capital of a country that regards itself as the citadel of democracy were disgraceful.  These are our neighbours and friends, our kith and kin descending into the pit of civil insurrection.  This is the world’s police, turning in on themselves. They had a traitor as their President Donald J Trump.  All the world could see it but they could not. Push came to shove on 6 January 2021, the 12th day of Christmas, and it was an epiphany for them apparently.

You have to ask yourself the question, how a mob , unplanned, could march right into a capital building where legislators sat, where two of the top leaders of the Government sat deliberating and without let or hindrance that mob actually got into the chamber and into the offices of the building.  There must have been some complicity somewhere and the complicity at the highest levels.

As you look back at the recriminations which took place in Turkey when the attempted coup took place in 2016, perhaps one understands now why things took the turn they did. The President there simply wiped out thousands of people from their jobs and from their  places in society.  There was massive jailing. It appears that as time goes on,  that will have to be the  result here.

Almost certainly Donald J Trump must be charged with criminal offences once he is no longer President. He should in fact be removed from office now .  They should not wait.  It is clear though that there are traitors mixed up in the rump legislature that now exists. They will have to be rooted out and called out for what they are: traitors.  They wanted to overthrow the system of Government and kill those at its head.

The man wo conspired to make it all happen was Donald J Trump.

Last week, we wrote that  Donald J Trump was an embarrassment to the United States. We go further, he is now an open and clear danger to the world and must be removed from office at once.  Not later but now. Senators and congressmen and the Cabinet must step up to the plate and do their duty.