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Each week it gets worse, the Leader of what used to be called the free world, let’s us all down. Now Donald Trump, the President of the United States, the heir to party of Abraham Lincoln is engaged in the most twisted form of public health policy.  He was slow to act and caused a worse problem in the United States than there should have been with regard to Covid 19.  The deaths are remounting and it is clear that he and his nation were unprepared for what has ensued. That has not stopped him however from acting to type.  He has blamed everyone but himself and repeated fantasies, myths and outright lies. Whenever he is caught in a lie, he becomes petulant and then attacks the reporter who calls him out. The latest outrage is to withdraw funding from the World Health Organization (WHO), claiming that they hid the facts about the disease when it broke out in China and that the WHO is too close to China. This is what you call cutting off your nose to spite your face.  Mr. Trump now will strip the money from the organization that is coordinating health care around the world just to make a political point.  It is simply unconscionable.  Every week, you just wonder how long this idiocy is going to last over us.