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There is a note supposedly by a PLP attacking Ginger Moxey, the only PLP who won her seat in Freeport.  She won a plurality because the former MP Frederick McAlpine refused to step out of the race so he split the FNM vote and the PLP won on a plurality.  The PLPs or some of them, at least those connected with the former PLP regime in Grand Bahama, seems to think she is vulnerable as a result and have been sharing the propaganda seeking to prepare the way for the one who divided the PLP and caused the loss of the whole island the election before. The problem is really an economic one.  The small contractors mainly men in Freeport are bitter that enough money has not been spread on the ground. With the failure of the hotel sale, the negativity has increased. So FNM and disgruntled PLPs seem to have a pact to blame Ginger Moxey.  We say empathically that PLPs should know better.  Their plight has nothing to do with Ginger Moxey and everything to do with an abandoned economy by the lousy Free National Movement and it is taking longer than the PLP ought to get going  So please PLPs stop passing this nonsense around and giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  Help and hope are on the way.