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Bill Cosby, the American comedian, is sitting in jail, an old man, his reputation in ruins for a rape that he did not commit. But he is there because the usual protection for a Black man unjustly accused in the United States did not come to his rescue.  The Black community instead of coming to his rescue., helped to put him under.  He spent his considerable fortune and public platform in his heyday trashing young black males about the way they speak and wearing their pants down below their waists. In return, it was a young Black comedian that accused him of being a rapist.  It took off from there.  That was the lesson and example that Senator Fred Mitchell used in the Senate to speak of Peter Turnquest, late of the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Turnquest was a disgusting Bahamian in office.  He held his nose up at other people and talked down to many.  He fired thousands from the public service and cared not a wit what happened to them and their lives.  Now he is flat on his ass and no one in the community except the judicially condemned Marvin Dames comes to his rescue. Not even the Chair of the party of which he is Deputy Leader would say he was good man before the fact.