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Marvin Dames, the Minister of National Security, showed what a twit he really is and how unfit he is for office, by joining the FNM trolls on Facebook, in seeking to ridicule Philip Brave Davis for his suggestion that the state ought to distribute whiles to women as a means of raising the alarm when face with a threat of an attack.  Mind you Mr. Davis was only quoting from the FNM platform. This business of the whistle seemed terribly funny to many people but it only showed their ignorance and one of the ignorant ones is the Minister of National Security.  Mr. Dames claimed in the press that whistles were not the answer to rape.  Only problem is no one said it was .  What the PLP said was that it is one of number of items in the arsenal that could help to keep women safe. But this is the season for stupidity and Marvin Dames leads in that direction.