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Livingston Marshall is the Bahamian contact at the Baker’s Bay resort in Abaco.  The resort features multi-millionaire and multi billionaire living in fabulous homes. Most if not all were mashed up the Hurricane Dorian two years ago and are being rebuilt.  There are however constant complaints from local Abaco residents about the nature of the investment and its discrimination against Bahamian employees and vendors.  The Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper is now the Minister of Tourism but also the Minister for Investments. It’s his job to make the twain meet.  Dr. Marshall as the liaison has to work with him.  The photo shows the Deputy Prime Minister on a visit to Baker’s Bay which is on Guana Cay in Abaco last week. He was met by Dr. Livingston Marshall.  Here is the connection.  Both are  Exuma men.   So that should make the chemistry work .