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Lyford Cay gates behind which foreign residents live

So the cocktail circuit in Lyford Cay must have been really busy this past week with the chat that two of their residents had managed to buy their way back into The Bahamas despite the ban on incoming travel for visitors and Bahamian citizens alike.  While Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister has valiantly withstood the pressure to allow Bahamians back home, citing the Covid 19 pandemic, his Minister of Health claimed that he authorized the entry into the country of two Americans because they had brought in some Covid 19 test kits which the government needs.  He said he was blindsided by the request of the passengers  to disembark and made a decision on the spot. He announced this at his press conference on Thursday 30 April 2020. The Attorney General Carl Bethel said on Friday 1 May 2020 to the Nassau Guardian that the minister did not have the authority to allow anyone to disembark and enter.  He said that could only be done by the Director General of Civil Aviation Captain Charles Beneby. Mr. Beneby when contacted said that he did not authorize any such entry. Sooo.  The Leader of the Opposition has called for the dismissal of Mr. Sands.  Knowing the FNM they will ignore it and do nothing. These are a set of idiots and they make our country look like a banana republic and a home of prostitutes.