U S Diplomat Warns Us About China: Why Don’t They Mind Their Business?

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Why do you think that the American government cannot mind their own business? An American diplomat one of the right wing’s school of conspiracy theorists was in Nassau last week to talk about hurricane relief. So the press asks him about China.  Instead of just shutting up and saying the relations between third parties and The Bahamas are none of our business, he proceeded to give a lecture on how we must careful in our relations with China.  No more carefully than with the United States. China has no hegemonic designs on The Bahamas. We cannot say that about the United States. China is not a security threat to The Bahamas or to the United States. As far as we can see it’s the President of the United States who is trying to sow the seeds of discord in the world community by firing up a trade war with China but it is a battle of one. It is incumbent upon the world’s two major powers to get along as the world slips into recession and the climate change problems increase. The words of the US diplomat are unhelpful.