U S Warning On Sand Trap Was Not Necessary

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Body of the female shot at the Sand Trap being removed. – Photo by Nassau Guardian

Bahamian people are concerned about these security warnings from the United States, even as they know the situation in Nassau on a security level seems to be getting worse.  It just seems to be a piling on.  The US officials here seem to simply adopt uncritically that which is being spun with regard to the hard facts on the ground.  Bahamians of course overreact to it. The US has the absolute right to warn their citizens as they perceive the risks of being in Nassau and The Bahamas to be.  It’s unfortunate but that is the reality of life. Meanwhile back on the planation, we should be trying to figure out why the slaughter of people continues.  There is a lot of back channel chat about the hit at the Sand Trap and the killing of an innocent bystander. The Sand Tap has now been declared off limits to U S personnel in The Bahamas.  The back channel chat is that they (the murderers) were really after one of the drug kingpins, who runs a gang in town who had ordered a successful hit against someone from an opposing organization the week before.  The police have since charged someone with the murder at the Sand Trap and with that they think they have solved the crimes of the week before.  Yet another, innocent looking (“can’t kill a fly but wicked as hell”) young black male face being walked down Bank Lane to be charged before the courts.