Union Chief Gets It Wrong About Bahamar Payout

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viagra canada ampoule times;”>Both the Public Service Union Chief John Pinder  was in the press on 6th July saying that the government set a bad precedent by agreeing to pay the Bahamar workers in substitution for their employers.  He wanted to know what about the workers at the Public Hospitals Authority and their compensation payments now overdue.  He also complained that the government is having issues with overtime payments.  We are not talking apples and apples.  The move by the government to pay the Bahamar workers is in some pretty limited circumstances.  First, advice this is a loan to Bahamar drawn down from the 21 million dollars which the government was bound to pay them for the road works they did.  Then secondly, hospital the Bahamar bankruptcy threatened the Government in that Bahamar said if the government did not agree to give the US courts jurisdiction, they would  not pay the workers but dismiss them right away.  To stop the workers from being pawns, the government said they would provide Bahamar with the monies to discharge their obligation to the employees. Remember that this is a Bahamar debt, not a Bahamas government debt.