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Last week, the United Arab Emirates reported that three ships from their ports were damaged on the high seas and their hulls damaged by explosions.  The ships limped back into port. The investigations began. Immediately, the United States started its drum beat. The U S intelligence community started putting out the message that this was done by Iran.  Interests in the United States allied with Israel want to start a war with Iran. So here we go again with a script that is just like what George Bush did with Iraq.  They used bad intelligence and lies to set up a pretext to start a war which saw trillions go into their friends’ pockets in business but cost the lives of thousands of American young people.  It appears that the United States loves to be fighting wars. Perhaps it keeps them fit.  The rest of the world simply falls back and accepts that this is the status quo.  One British General debunked the whole theory that was spun about the situation in Iraq.  He contradicted the intelligence of the US that said that the situation in Iraq represented a danger for U S interests and so all non-essential personnel were air lifted out of the country.  Not so said the general. He was reprimanded, silenced and his political bosses in London later announced that they were fully on board with this stuff with the U S.