Update From BEC

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generic viagra decease times;”>9 October

discount times;”>Here is the latest status report from BEC on those islands impacted by the storm:

Long Island- The local team has restored supply from Seymours to Salt Pond and the replacement of damaged poles continues between Salt Pond and Deadman’s Cay. Progress is impeded by the condition of the roads and persistent flooding in the southern parts of the islands. Nonetheless, BEC teams continue to work. More material and manpower is expected on island within the next 24 hours to help advance the restoration.

San Salvador- A team from New Providence arrived on the island on Wednesday to assist the local team with restoration. The generation team has been working to repair the engines that were damaged during the storm. This is being done concurrent with pole planting on the island’s north and south feeders. The expectation is that once the generator units are back online they would be in a good position to begin restoring supply to homes and businesses.

Rum Cay- The generation network on the island is operational; however, there is considerable work to be done to fully restore supply to residences and businesses. An assessment team from New Providence visited the island on Wednesday and a team as well as material are being mobilized to continue restoration work.

Crooked Island- Flooding remains an issue, making it difficult to access certain areas of the island. The power station in Crooked Island was damaged and a temporary generator/trailer unit will be needed to restore supplies. Additionally, the distribution system on Crooked Island suffered major damage and will be very costly to repair. This is further complicated by the fact that very few of the buildings on Crooked Island are capable of being supplied with electricity even if the generation and distribution systems were fully restored. In this regard, a cost effective approach to providing power to customers in Crooked Island must be considered.

Acklins- Generation is available on the island and supply has been restored to the majority of customers on the island. Supplies have reach as far south as Pompey Bay and just south of Chesters in the north. Work continues; however, crews are challenged as the land bridge between Chesters and Lovely Bay was washed out during the storm. Additionally, a more detailed assessment is needed in the Lovely Bay area which is still inaccessible due to flooding.

Long Cay-BEC’s generator unit on the island was not damaged by the storm nor were there many downed poles on the island. The repair work will mostly involve repairing overhead lines that came down during the storm.