US Charge Says No Impact On Bahamian Passport Holders

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On 29th January at the signing of the new five year lease for the AUTEC Base in Andros (11.8 million per annum up by 4.15 per cent), the Head of Mission ad interim in The Bahamas Lisa Johnson made the following statement about Bahamian passport holders and the new Executive Orders by the US President banning people from seven Muslim countries.  Here is what she said in her own words:

“There is no change in the US-Bahamas bilateral relationship and we’re continuing to work on the same issues here that we have always worked on, on security, on commerce, on travel and tourism the one change is the executive order that was released on Friday does apply worldwide with respect to non-immigrant and immigrant visas and so that is being implemented at the airport here as it is around the world.

“No impact on Bahamians, there is no change in the travel status and opportunities for Bahamians either with visas or through pre-clearance in Nassau and Freeport, there is no change.

“It will not have an impact on any Bahamian passport holders, no.”