Video Of Dancing Women In The Courts

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It would have just passed as a summer night’s amusement, had it not been for the press release from the Judiciary that admitted it seems that the staff were given permission to have a party in the closed and empty Magistrate’s Court on South Street in Nassau.  They did have a party, They did justice to having a good time. One sexy, buxom lady of middle age, did a number on the floor winding she bottom like a clock.  The moral police were not amused.  For the second time in a few months, they have struck to investigate and bring charges one imagines. There was a lot of huffing and puffing and moral outage a month or so ago when some female defence officers strutted their stuff on the video stage.  They got into positions that would make your neck hurt.  The RBDF was not amused and it appears the officers are to be brought up on charges.   There should be a realization by now that standards are changing.  It seems to us that ten years ago there was a rash of videos of naked basketball players, playing with their things or in flagrante delcito with some other person. Each time, they would rush to the cameras to apologise with due solemnness. Now with cameras so ubiquitous, who even cares. Maybe that’s a defence for these women when they are charged.