Visa Ban For Haitians Is Not Right

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There was a terse announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Bahamas that announced for technical reasons that the issuance of visas to Haitians has been suspended. The announcement said that the exception would be for those Haitians with Canadian, British or US Visas.  The announcement is discriminatory.  It is racist.  You can see an announcement which says that due to technical issues, they have stopped issuing visas in Haiti but to say Haitians can’t get visas is not right.

Ricardo Johnson Writing In The Guardian Is A Thief Of Words, A Plagiarist

The FNM lacks moral courage and they lack any ethical standards.  It has been two months now since Bennett Minnis, the Water and Sewerage Corporation Board member, threatened the PLP with stopping them from going to Clarence Town, Long Island.  He called PLPs and its Leader Philip Davis black monkeys and said that the PLPs who went to Long Island were sissying. The Minister of Works refused to denounce the rant.  The Prime Minister did the same thing. Enter Peter Turnquest, the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister, who issued a statement on Thursday 22 August in which he denounced some statement circulating on social media about his son. He was outraged.  It was phony outrage said Senator Fred Mitchell, the PLP’s Chairman.  The FNM did not have the courage to answer Mr. Mitchell instead, they put the Nassau Guardian up to do their dirty work. One Ricardo Johnson wrote a letter to the Guardian claiming that the response of Mr. Mitchell was phony outrage.  Mr. Johnson could not even come up with an original phrase. He copied Mr. Mitchell’s phrase. The unethical Nassau Guardian used Mr. Johnson’s reply but never once used Mr. Mitchell’s statement.  We publish the statement above. What we say here though is that this is an example to PLPs of the double standard of the press in The Bahamas as it relates to the PLP. The Nassau Guardian in particular seems to be working hand in glove with the FNM as their main defenders. Recently even though they see the cracks in the FNM’s armour, the fact is they still come back to defending them. When Candia Dames, its managing editor, then comes saying bad things about the PLP and denouncing the PLP, remember she presides over unethical behaviour in the media and has no right to talk.  As for Mr. Johnson, a plagiarist is a thief, a thief is a liar and a liar is a murderer.  He is a bad man.