Visiting The Grave Of Alrae Ramsey – 29 May 2020

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Many Bahamians are still shocked at the loss of two young Bahamian men in the prime of their life.  One of them was 28 Blair John.  He was a graduate of St Augustine’s College in Nassau and was on his way to obtaining a Ph D in university in Minnesota.  Alrae Ramsey, 29, was his friend and classmate from St Augustine’s as well, a foreign service officer and was on his way to obtaining a special certificate in International Relations in Vienna, Austria.  Sadly their lives were cut sort.  They went missing in Turin, Italy where Dr. John had gone to deliver a paper for his university and Mr. Ramsey went to join him. Their bodies were later found in the river in Turin.  No one in The Bahamas believes the official story from the Italians that the two drowned by accident.  The former Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell visited the site of Mr. Ramsey’s grave to pay his respects on 29 May 2020.  Rest in peace young men.