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viagra sales capsule times;”>In one night 13th November, healing the total number of people murdered in The Bahamas in a year were killed in Paris, cialis France.  The French government and people are reeling.  The Bahamian people are reeling with the carnage that happened over eleven months of this year, now 134 homicides.  Everywhere you went over the past week, people were talking about the killing of the teacher Joyelle McIntosh in the presence of her son on Thursday 12th November in what appears to have been a random shooting in an attempted robbery in Parkgate Road, near the troubled neighborhood of Kemp Road. A few hours later just up the road, an autistic man was killed in another homicide. That’s two for the night.  The next night in Grand Bahama, police reported another two homicides, stabbing deaths, two young men.   Each night in The Bahamas, mainly in New Providence there is carnage.  No one seems to know what to do.  The politicians are busy attacking each other.  The media is blaming the PLP saying that the PLP said it had the answer to crime. The PLP never said any such damn thing.  What the PLP said was that the FNM seemed paralyzed in the face of it.  They cancelled all the programmes the PLP left in place which the PLP thought might control crime.  That is past history though, people expect the PLP to fix the problem.  There is nothing to be said now.  So Paris is just as dangerous a place as in Nassau it seems.  That is cold comfort to the victims and to our people generally.