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Wacky Belinda Wilson, the pugilist who passes for a Union Leader, was re-elected as the  President of The Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT), the once great union that has been decimated by allegations of theft and the lady who  keeps winning although she keeps losing at the bargaining table.  This quarrelsome lady could have gotten a better deal for teachers long time, but had to be backed in a corner to the point where she was begging the government to put things back on the table that she rejected outright when the negotiations started months ago.  So as other unions signed and settled, she was out there flapping in the wind.  Even the fact that teachers broke away from her iron grip in Grand Bahama did not seem to move the crew in Nassau.  The result is on Thursday 22 September 2022, the teachers did it again: re-elected this quarrelsome lady to be their leader.  No wonder our children are in such a problem in school.