Water And Sewerage Corporation Industrial Dispute

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The personal vendetta against the President of the workers union at the Water and Sewerage Corporation continued this past week at a heightened  level.  There was a wild cat strike. Workers both management and line staff walked off the job in protest of a decision to suspend a worker without pay for five days because he violated the company’s policy on the use of corporation’s property, i. e. in this instance: parking their private car on the Corporation’s property. Seemed a bit silly but the Chairman of the Corporation the Long Island MP Adrian Gibson is relentless in his involvement in minutia. He does not like Dwayne Woods, the President of the Corporation’s line staff union and seems to go out of his way to harm Mr. Wood, recently suspending the arrangement to pay his salary while heading the Union.  The PLP issued the following statement:

From the Chairman of the PLP

Supporting the Workers At Water And Sewerage Corporation

For Immediate Release

2 April 2019

The PLP is very concerned about the industrial action that the FNM Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation has allowed to happen on its watch. This must be settled amicably in favour of the workers as soon as possible and in the public interest.

We have warned the present Chairman Adrian Gibson to curb his  enthusiasm for self righteous rectitude. As recently as today, the Leader of the PLP Mr. Philip Davis commented on the arrogance and obstinance of the political directorate of the Corporation.

From our vantage point it appears that this is being driven by personal animus toward the President of the line staff union. No matter what the FNM’s majority is in parliament, their members have no right to treat workers disrespectfully.

The PLP has taken note that the position  of both the line staff and management union  is the same. They are united.

This means only one thing for the Cabinet. They must have a word with their chairman and ask him to draw back forthwith or be dismissed.