We Agree With Gilbert Morris On The Bombing By Trump

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(From the FB page of Dr. Gilbert Morris 15 April)

So there it is: even those despising President Donald Trump, including the lazy media, are saying bombing – without an iota of strategy – is presidential.

Nearly every pundit and every quarter of America seems delighted to have dropped a massive 21 ton bomb, as if there is something moral about it. Some of my own Republican friends have been salivating about it. I ask: but the government’s own records show that more than 50-70% of the actual dead from Mr Obama’s drone-porn were innocents.

I believe both in a strong military and in totalisation; which means the use of unquestionable force to stop an enemy.
However, after Mr Obama’s bombs have killed so many innocents, Mr Trump removed even Obama’s thin avoidance measures.

So a sloppy President who demonises without evidence, with a careless bombing habit, with a population that tends to confuse multitude killing with power and safety.

It is true, President Obama’s policies failed. But this is rife barbarian and beware when – as all hubris does – it fails !