We Hope Obama Sticks Around

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This is another one of those engaging pictures which shows why on social media sites originating in The Bahamas, there have been expressions of regret that soon there will be no more President Barrack Obama to  talk about and write about as President.  We can imagine the thrill of those two Black boys in the White House that a man who looks like them was in charge. In a  few weeks that will gone, replaced by the old ways and the old way of doing things, that old white men rule the world. We say it in that way and so bluntly not because race is a factor but that Donald Trump represents a type of person who is insensitive to the realities of the real world and wishes to bludgeon everyone into submission in a world were only what he perceives is correct.  Power is the only fact.  Silly things like building a wall between Mexico and the United States and saying that Mexico is going to pay for it.  The plan is now that he will build the wall and starve the Mexican economy, a means of blackmailing them to agree to do it.  So if that is the game plan for Mexico, what do you think the game plan for The Bahamas will be and the wider Caribbean?  We think that it will simply be benign neglect.  They will choose someone no doubt who will be a good golfer to represent their interests here and then that person who will largely have nothing to do, will seek to interfere in the politics of the country and its economy.  The country has been down that road before.  Such is life.  It would help if the now President when he becomes former President would stick around and continue to get into the public debate.  We think that until the opposition in the United Sates catches itself, our country is in for a rough ride.  All of the social contracts that have been agreed, the modicum of civility in public life are all out of the window with this new fellow.  We will need a steady voice to be there to remind us that there is a better way than Donald Trump and that better will come.