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There is a swirl of rumours that surround the first flight of returnees to The Bahamas by the Bahamas Government who had been stuck overseas in the United States. The Government botched the first flight and the Prime Minister announced on Sunday 10 May 2020 that someone was let on the plane who tested positive for the virus but was allowed to get on the flight.  Curiously the Consul General Linda Mackey found herself on the flight to Nassau.  She claimed that she was trying to make sure things went well. The Opposition spokesman on Foreign Affairs pointed out that her job is to stay in Miami not in Nassau. Then in a surprising development a few days later, the Ministry of Health announced that well the man was not positive all along.  Because of the relationship between the Prime Minister and the Consul General, this led to all sorts of scandalous discussions in the social media press about why the matter had not been dealt with more frankly.  The Minister of Foreign Affairs Darren Henfield despite an official request from the Opposition, was silent.