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The talk around town is that Prime Minister Hubert Minnis plans to appoint Brian Moree Q C to be Chief Justice.  The PLP should not agree to this appointment.  Mr. Moree does not deserve the appointment. We have to be very careful about these appointments. He spoke out against the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME).  Mr. Moree who is supposed to be lawyer was against the Bahamas signing on to the treaty which would have eased a lot of the issues that surround us now joining the World Trae Organization. Instead, his words played to the prejudices and racism in this country and helped up to whip hysteria against Caribbean people in the country, even though his firm depended on Caribbean people for its success.  The most laughable of his assertions was that a treaty reservation by a sovereign state could be challenged in a court.  To hear someone who was an experienced lawyer trot out this nonsense was simply embarrassing.  Of course, as soon as the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the Europeans had to be signed and as soon as he had helped to put paid to the Caribbean Associations, he was happy to embrace the same principles, that the CSME would have accomplished.  It is hard to see how he should be allowed to sit as Chief Justice in light of these arguments of convenience.  The other issue is that he is 64 years old or close by and
so will not have much time on the ship with the mandatory age of 67.  You get the impression that there are set of people in this country who simply like to collect titles and positions for their resumes.  Shame on him and shame on Dr. Minnis if that’s what he intends to do.  The job should go to Vera Watkins who now is acting in the position so that she can end her career in the post.