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With the words  spoken on 11 December 2019 “ The FNM will not repent and I will not recant”, Vaughn Miller who was elected two and half years ago as the FNM MP for Golden Isles for the Free National  Movement departed the FNM.  He said that he will be sitting as an independent. He spoke from  a place not behind the Government benches in the House but next to Reece Chipman, the MP from Centreville, who himself left the FNM and now sits as an independent. 

The immediate cause for such a move was the fact that the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis moved a resolution of no confidence in the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis for misleading the House. The PLP put the proverbial question to “ he ma” on Wednesday 11 December 2019. It was important at this juncture with all the self-destructive behaviour of the FNM and the fact that there is no discernible evidence of their governance, that  a count be taken of those who still support this wicked regime.

In the end, the tin soldiers all got up and said what a great guy he was except for Vaughn Miller who like the little boy in the old story shouted out: “ But the Emperor has no clothes on”.

PLPs have been crying for weeks for Mr. Davis to take the fight to the FNM and he did.  He told the Prime Minister to his face what a dishonest man he was and that he lied to Parliament.  Nothing can change those facts. The Prime Minister told the House he did not discuss renting Brent Symonette’s Town Centre Mall from him prior to the lease of the Post Office.  Brent Symonette contradicted that by telling a radio audience that yes indeed they did discuss it.

In the world dominated by the lies of the American President Donald Trump, truth is a lie and lies are truth. We simply don’t know which way is up any more. Last week was a good example of how the truth has become a thing of the past in public life. 

The PLP did well. They went to the House with four and now they have one more on their side. Step by step the PLP must chip away at the support.

As for Mr. Minnis, he is so weak and deceitful, that he had to hide behind the gown tail of the dumbo Speaker of the House Halson Moultrie whose job it is to stop the PLP for participating in the business of the House.  Next thing on the PLP’s agenda is to deal with him.