11/28/21 12:59 PM

After the FNM Convention voted, here was the celebration party: Brent Symonette Michael Pintard, Hubert Ingraham and Tommy Turnquest.  Papa is back in charge. 27 November 2021

( Editors note: the results of the FNM Convention’s special leadership convention are as follows: Michael Pintard – – – 297 , Kwasi 103  – – – , Iram Lewis 43)

The FNM held its convention on Saturday 27 November to choose the new leader of the FNM who will almost certainly be the new Leader of the Opposition.  We will be seeing the back of Hubert Minnis and barring a miracle that should be the effective end of his political career.

By any standard, his time as Prime Minister was an unmitigated disaster.  He could get nothing right. His government was one of lies, deceit and vengeance.  They left a nasty stain on the whole idea of government and left a horrible legacy which the PLP will have to try to undo.

What we are left with today is a country that is in a gimmie, gimmie mood. There is no thought of sacrifice or that I can wait for some time to obtain what it is I need.  It is one of the nastiest political moments.

All of that goes down to the kind of governance that Hubert Minnis and his colleagues wrought.

So it comes down to this,  the winner now needs the support of the six other FNM Members of Parliament in the House to make him the Leader of the Opposition.  The constitution says that the Leader of the Opposition has to command the support of the majority of those opposed to the government.  So it is theoretically possible for the Leader of the FNM not to be the Leader of the Opposition.  We saw that last when Loretta Butler Turner got the support of the MPs and made herself Leader of the Opposition but not Leader of the FNM.

We hope that the PLP makes the Leader of the FNM’s job as difficult and as near to impossible as possible. The FNM should not make it back to power for another 20 years.  For that they have to thank Hubert Minnis for doing such a lousy job.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday, 27th November, 2021 up to midnight:  355,869;
Number of hits for the month of November up to Saturday, 27th November, 2021 up to midnight: 1,077,699;
Number of hits for the year 2021 up to Saturday, 27th November, 2021 up to midnight: 14,452,409.