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The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis broke his promises to the people of Ragged Island, about one hundred souls, when their island homes were wrecked by Hurricane Irma two years ago.  The truth be told when the Prime Minister made the promise, his heart wasn’t in it, because his first sentiment in public was that Ragged Islanders should abandon their island community and move. It was only political pressure by Ragged Islanders in Nassau that caused them to say that they would rebuild and he promised to rebuild a green city. Today it is green alright but only green because the bushes are growing up and the resident goats can’s get rid of the vegetation fast enough. Chester Cooper the MP for Ragged Island took Senator Clay Darville with him to see that nothing has been done. So why should the people of Abaco and Grand Bahama believe anything that this government now says?  The Government says that starting on 1 December 2019, Grand Bahama and Abaco will be Vat free.  Chester Cooper is entitled to ask: but what about the people of Ragged Island? Why can’t they be VAT free? The impact on the revenue given their numbers would be negligible. We know why though.  Ragged Islanders are represented by a PLP and so no Vat free for them and no rebuilding for them.  It is all about the votes.  What a shame.  Fortunately, the Salvation Army has announced plans to put up a building in Ragged Island in Duncan Town to help to kick start the rebuilding.